Give me more,

I want it all,

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Show me what’s inside,

Let me hear your thoughts,

And feel your touch.

I need you,

To immerse myself in your being,

Have your complete focus.

Yes, I feel needy,

But, you have said again and again you love that,

Love me then,

In the ways I personally need and desire.

My love language. Constant attention.

If I am truly what you want,

Show me the work,

The actions,

Am I the only one eager for us?

Am I the only one planning the future?

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Laying awake at night,

I often wonder,

What the future will bring,

And what the past has created.

My thoughts are wrapped up in you,

The possibilities seem vast,

And wide.

So much within our grasp,

Ours for the taking.


We both dive in head first,

To hell with the consequences.

We gladly accept them all,

For our future calls to us,

And we answer eagerly,


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Feeling the pressure,

Deep within,

Such pleasure just from thought,

Dripping with sin,

Saturated by it,

Eyes rolling back,

Back arching,

Memories of each stroke,

Fingers brushing along my skin,

Grasping thighs,

Tongue tasting,

Words spoken,

Promises made,

Flesh intertwined,

Our signature.

Made in love.

Even in my darkest hour,

Only your voice brightens my skies,

You are my Siren,

So enchanting,

I willingly run to you,

Giving me pleasure and passion,

I’ve never had before,

Pouring over me,

Covering every inch of me,

Til all I can say is your name,

Over and over,

A breathless struggle.

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Listening to the storm,

The wind churning the rain,

Thunder rolls heavily,

Hearing your voice,

Whispered breath,

Soft caresses turn assertive,

Aggressively divine,

Each crack of lightening illuminating us,

Moans swallowed,


Consuming each other,

The storm slowly fades away,

Thunder pounds in the distance,

We lay ravaged by our love,

But revitalized.

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Your scent,

Like the fresh crisp air of autumn

My favorite.

Breathing you in

Ignites my desires.

Fingers aching to touch

To feel our flesh caress one another.

My lips parting to receive

Your brand.

Smoldering kisses

Leaving your mark on my soul.

Craving your eyes upon me.

Seeking to capture every part of me.

I willingly submit myself

To your wishes

To your dreams

To your hopes

To your needs

To your love.

Daily Prompt: Assay

Why assay me?


Checking my substance.

It is weak and feeble.

Easily broken.


But adaptable.

Why must you measure my significance?

Who are you to be my judge, and jury?

I can validate myself.

I have a backbone!

My foundation is sturdy.

Prosperity is mine for the taking.

I will labor to love my own essence.


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