Hear Me

So full of doubt,

Like a frightened dog,

I cower,

Slowly approaching,

Begging for your love.

Wanting the love,

But fearful of the hurt.

Not receiving enough,

Listen to me,

Fucking hear me.

The way you laugh,

As if my feelings are nothing,

Nurture the doubt that’s ever growing.

A new you,

I miss the past.

The devotion was so overwhelming,

Never did I question its reality.

It’s truth.


I’m sinking in my worries.

Strangling myself with my own thoughts.

Whispers of destruction,

Float by my ears.

Am I holding on too tight?

Loosen my grip,

Never completely letting go.

No more desperation.

What will be,

Will be.

What’s the worse that can happen?

Either way I am free.

**(Image From: http://illusion.scene360.com/uncategorized/42599/art-it-is-never-too-late/)**


Finally the truth,

I don’t understand the lie.

I could feel it,

Intuition screaming!

The barrier is there,

Keeping me away.

Your protection killing me slowly.

I thirst for what once was.

Slowly drying out,


My own doing,

Though you promised,

You still felt this way.

The barrier causing,



Self doubt and loathing.

All I crave is you,

I am just an afterthought now.

Is this my punishment?

All I want is your complete love.

**(Image From: https://www.designboom.com/art/staudinger-franke-underwater-photos-barrier-01-06-2014/)**


Finger tips scorching my flesh.

Heated breath upon my soul.

Each branding me yours.

Agonizingly painful.

But sensual satisfaction.

Memories sizzle.

Consuming every thought.

Phantom sensations.

Create the craving.

All I want is more.


Breath into me.

Grant me life.

I want to feel you.

Especially tonight.




**(Image From: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/501729214708263686/?lp=true)**









Slowly my heart is being mended.

With soft caresses from your hands

and sweet words spoken in hushed breaths.

That unique smile,

brightening up my dark word.

Spreading throughout.

Igniting, and transforming the landscape.

A rebirth to out shine all others.



**(Image From: https://delawer-omar.deviantart.com/art/A-story-of-a-refugee-479193178)**

Something Old, Something New

As we sat together,

I saw flashes of the past

colliding with the present.

Searching in the depths of your eyes

I saw fear, and love.

Best of all hope.

An olive branch was given,

and we both desperately clung to it.

Completely shocked,

I started to tremble.

You used a facade to protect yourself from me.

Afraid of the damage I could and have inflicted.

All we wanted was us.

Pure and simple.

Our love.

It came to the deciding moment.

Fight or flight forever?

We both prepared for battle.

**(Image From: https://pixabay.com/p-2890758/?no_redirect)**

Daily Prompt: Sympathize

Do you care?

Or is this you sympathizing out of pity?

Truly concerned.

True compassion.

From the heart,

Or is this a cold calculated thought?

Awaiting to infiltrate my soul,

and obliterate me.

You, better without me.

I, lost in a void without you.




So very weak.

Don’t you dare pity me.

For true love did this to me.

And I, to myself.



**(Image From: Deliberation by Mario Sanchez Nevado)**









via Daily Prompt: Sympathize


I am frightened,

Petrified of it not being real.

Just one chance.

I have to know.

Show me it’s departed.

So I know it’s time to let go.

Give me the fortitude to know the truth.

Risking it all.

Just for a glimpse.

Give me that discernment.

I hope for nothing,

But pray for everything.

What would you choose?

To live knowing,

Or die never fully understanding?

Have the knowledge,

Though it may kill you,

or uncertainty,

and letting go?



**(Image From: vera-chimera.devintart.com)**