Siren Song

I know I was the one in the wrong.

I am the mess, the failure, and Siren.

I knew what poison I had pouring from my lips, and heart.

Though, I didn’t even think twice when I gave them both to you.

I fed on you, and gorged myself on the possibilities.

The way you ignited my very soul.

The way you brought fourth all my demons, and did battle by my side.

But I am a Siren.

I can not escape my nature.

I can not resist my need to sing.

I do not allow myself to stay blissful.

For my craving takes over.

There is no stopping my self destruction.

I do love you, but hate myself.

So again I destroy what I want most.

I will never be cured of my nature.

For I was created to suffer in damnation.

In a forever cycle of love & hate.


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