Daily Prompt: Stifle

The shock of it.

Causing pain to spread throughout my very soul.

My heart crumbling.

This time, not by my own hands.

It hurts more this way.

A fear, realized.

The shock of it.

Choices were made.

I stifled my own heart.

For so long, hoping you would do the same.

I am not worthy.

I should of never had that hope.

The shock if it.

Suffocating on the loss I caused.

Fine, I’ll take it.

Suppress my emotions, smother them.

Deaden my very spirit.

Give me the strength to create my numb shell.

The shock of it.

You awoken me, and taught me a lesson.

I understand completely the devastation.

The desolation I caused you.

Came upon me tenfold.

This is my penance.

To observe your happiness without me.

Watching you sore.

Heart entwined with another.




***(Image From: http://imgaram.com/tag/suffocate)***



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